Working Papers

  • “Man and Woman Talk: Grammatical and Syntactical Similarities and Disparities” W.P. No. 2007-06-03
  • “Gender, Affect and Upward Influence” W.P. No. 2005-03-06
  • "Coffee, Tea or …?: Gender and Politeness in Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)" W.P.   NO. 2005-04-02
  • "Talking Up: Study of Upward Influence Strategies" W.P. No. 2003-04-01, April 2003
  • "Upward Influence: A Linguistic Act of Gaining Compliance" W.P. No. 2003- 02-05, February, 2003
  • "Analysis of Upward Influence Strategies using Speech Act theory and Face Threatening Acts" W.P. No. 2004-05-04 May 2004

Papers Presented at Conferences

  • Kaul, A & Chaudhuri, V (2014) "Creating Shared Value: The Sustainability Journey at ITC Ltd." The Twelfth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Madrid, Spain
  • Kaul, A (2012) "Communicating with Internal and External Stakeholders in Business" Plenary speaker for 11th Asia Pacific ABC Conference, Seoul, Korea 
  • Kaul, A & Desai, A (2012) "Communicating Reputation in Indian Businesses: A Reflection of Tangible and Intangible Factors"11th Asia Pacific ABC Conference, Seoul, Korea 
  • Bresciani, S., Eppler, M. , Kaul, A &  Ylinen, R. (2011) “The Geography of (Visual) Thought: the Effect of Culture on the Reception of Visual Communication.” Presented at University of Helsinki
  • Kaul, A (2009)“Perceptual Differences” in Special Topics Conference: Business Discourse at University of Southern California
  • Kaul, A & Nandan, D (2007) “Man and Woman Talk: Grammatical and Syntactical Similarities and Disparities”  in 9th European  ABC Conference, Turkey
  • Kaul, A & Patnaik, E (2006)"Gender Differences in the Use of FTAs when Reporting Incidents of UI: An Indian Study," in Hawaii International Conference on Business
  • Kaul, A; Ansari, M & Rai, H(2006) “Gender, Affect and Upward Influence” in Hawaii International Conference on Business
  • Kaul, A & Pathak, S (2006) “Much Ado About Nothing” in 6th Asia Pacific ABC Conference, IIM, Ahmedabad
  • Kaul, A & Brammer, C(2004) “Studry of Speech act theory in Upward Influencing in an Indian Workplace” in 69th Annual Convention for Business Communication, Boston
  • Kaul, A (2003) “Taking Up: Study of Upward Influence Strategies” in 68th Annual Convention of the Association for Business Communication, New Mexico
  • Kaul, A (2002)“Discourse Patterns that (Un)Make Corporate Relationships” in Third Conference on Human Resource Development, University of Napiers, Edinburgh
  • Kaul, A (2001)“Teaching Business Communication” in National Seminar on Teaching Business Communication in Indian Business Schools, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Kaul, A (1994)“Theatre-Talk" Seminar on Stylistics, Lucknow University
  • Kaul, A (1993)“Phenomenology -the ‘I-thou' Relationship" in National Seminar on Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Perspectives in English Literature, Kanpur

Other Publications

  • ISO-9002-Your Handbook, UPCOM Cables.
  • 22 leaflets on basic concepts of ISO -9002 for in-house training at UPCOM cables.
  • Background Paper for Seminar on Corporate Citizenship - CII, UNICEF, Department of Women and Child Development.
  • Book Reviews published in Outlook