Papers Presented at Conferences

  1. "Perceptual Differences" in Special Topics Conference: Business Discourse at University of Southern California, 2009
  2. "Man and Woman Talk: Grammatical and Syntactical Similarities and Disparities" in 9th European ABC Conference, Turkey, 2007
  3. "Gender Differences in the Use of FTAs when Reporting Incidents of UI: An Indian Study," in Hawaii International Conference on Business,2006
  4. "Gender, Affect and Upward Influence" in Hawaii International Conference on Business,2006
  5. "Much Ado About Nothing" in 5th Asia Pacific ABC Conference, IIM, Ahmedabad, 2006
  6. "Coffee, Tea or ..?: Gender and Politeness in Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)" in 5th ABC (Asia Pacific) International Conference, Tokyo, 2005
  7. "Study of Speech act theory in Upward Influencing in an Indian Workplace" in 69th Annual Convention for Business Communication, Boston, 2004
  8. "Talking Up: Study of Upward Influence Strategies" in 68th Annual Convention of the Association for Business Communication, New Mexico, 2003
  9. "Discourse Patterns that (Un)Make Corporate Relationships" in Third Conference on Human Resource Development, University of Napiers, Edinburgh, 2002
  10. "Teaching Business Communication" in National Seminar on Teaching Business Communication in Indian Business Schools, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 2001
  11. "Theatre-Talk" Seminar on Stylistics, Lucknow University, 1994
  12. "Phenomenology -the I-thou' Relationship" in National Seminar on Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Perspectives in English Literature, Kanpur, 1993