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  1. VIKAS and SAVE: Combining cause with commerce (IIMA/OB0239)
  2. Aditya Kumar: Office Politics and managing upwards (IIMA/OB0236)
  3. Vasudha's Dismay (IIMA/OB0230)
  4. Mohan Dixit (IIMA/OB0233, IIMA/OB0233TN)
  5. Meera Nair at PhoenixWay: Which Way to Go (IIMA/OB0231, IIMA/OB0231TN)
  6. GAIL 'Saksham' Program: Remoulding the Future. (IIMA/PSG0123, IIMA/PSG0123TN)
  7. CSIR Tech Private Limited: Facilitating Lab to Market Journeys (IIMA/OB0218, IIMA/OB0218S)
  8. Performance Management at IRD Corporation (A) and (B)  (IIMA/P&IR0227A,B)

Technical Notes: 
  1. A Note on Decision-Making (IIMA/OB0232TEC)
  2. Understanding the Design of Organizations (IIMA/OB0226TEC)
  3. Stress and Our Inner Game (IIMA/OB0228TEC)
  4. Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Way of Managing Change’ (IIMA/OB0229TEC)
  5. Teaching note for ‘The Cybertech Project (A) and (B)’ (HBS No. 695-030 and 695-041) (IIMA/OB0214TN)
  6. Teaching note for ‘The Audubon Zoo, 1993’, an integrative case published in Daft (2007) (IIMA/OB0215TN)

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