Prof. Sundaravalli Narayanaswami

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

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Currently teaching: 

(June to August, 2023-24):

(September to November, 2023-24):

(December to March,  2023-24):

December 2022 - February 2023:
Probity in Governance and Administration (PGA): Term-VI (PGP-2), Government Systems and Processes (GSP): Term-III (PGP-1)

July 2022 - September 2022:
 Rail Transport Planning and Management (PGP-2), OR Applications in Public Systems (PhD)

January 2022 - March 2022:
 Probity in Governance and Administration (PGA): Term VI (PGP-2), Government Systems and Processes (GSP): Term - III (PGP-1), Public Policy Analytics (PPA): (e-PGD-ABA)

October 2021 - November 2021:
 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): Term V (PGP-2)

September 2021 - November 2021:
Supply Chain Management (SCM): Sem III (ePGP), Term IV (PGPX), Term V (PGP-2) 

July 2021 - August 2021: 
Rail Transport Planning and Management (RTPM): Term-IV (PGP-2)

Open Enrollment Executive Education Programs (OEP)

Customized Executive Education Programs (CEP)

Designed exclusive training programs on (i) general management, (ii) transformational leadership, (iii) policy planning, (iv) operational excellence, (v) management strategy and (vi) good governance and taught for several clients (corporates, government departments and ministries). 
Courses taught* / Co-taught at IIMA:

* I do not offer a few of the courses any more. 


DM-1: Decision Making-1

GSPP: Government Systems and Policy Processes

SOM: Services Operations Management

RTPM: Rail Transportation Planning and Management

ITS: Intelligent Transportation Systems

MAOR: Managerial Applications of Operations Research

SCM: Supply Chain Management

ACD: Art and Craft of Decision Making

PGA: Probity in Governance and Administration

DOMD: Designing Operations to Meet Demand

POM: Perspectives of Operations Management

TL: Transformational Leadership

ORAPS: OR Applications in Public Systems

LSCM: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

TIPP: Transportation Infrastructure and Policy Practices

MS: Manufacturing Strategy

UT: Urban Transportation

GMS: General Management in Shipping

LGGA: Leadership in Good Governance and Administration

LM: Logistics Management

FoO: Fundamentals of Operations

DoSE: Discipline of Strategy Execution 



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