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Working Papers

Targeted interventions: Consumption dynamics and distributional effects
Chakrabarti, Anindya S.; Mishra, Abinash; Mohaghegh, Mohsen
2021,WP 2021-09-02
Optimal Transport based Drift Detection for Sensor Streams: Method and Applications in Transportation
Laha, A. K.; Verma, Shikha
2021,WP 2021-09-01
Tracing Director Liability Framework during Borderline Insolvency & Corporate Failure in India
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Shah, Urmil
2021,WP 2021-08-02
Pandemic Panic? Effects of Health System Capacity on Firm Confidence During COVID-19
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal; Lim, Jamus Jerome; Mohapatra, Sanket
2021,WP 2021-07-02
Section 29A of India’s Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: An Instance of Hard Cases Making Bad Law?
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Raj, Vishakha
2021,WP 2021-07-01
Insolvency set offs in India: A comparative perspective
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Raj, Vishakha
2021,WP 2021-06-01
Government responses, business continuity, and management sentiment: Impact on debt financing during COVID-19
Gopalakrishnan, Balagopal; Jacob, Joshy; Mohapatra, Sanket
2021,WP 2021-04-03
A minimum buyback requirement in open market repurchases: Impact on the signalling role
Srivastava, Pranjal; Jacob, Joshy; Pandey, Ajay
2021,WP 2021-04-02
The Role of Insolvency Tests: Implications for Indian Insolvency Law
Ram Mohan, M.P.
2021,WP 2021-04-01
Central bank gold reserves and sovereign credit risk
Rathi, Sawan; Mohapatra, Sanket; Sahay, Arvind
2021,WP 2021-03-02