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Working Papers

Public perception of courts in India: unmeasured gap between the justice system and its beneficiaries
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Faisal, Muhammed K; Alex, Jacob P; Shiju, M V
2020,WP 2020-11-02
A Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Framework for Efficient E-Commerce Order Delivery
Kandula, Shanthan; Krishnamoorthy, Srikumar; Roy, Debjit
2020,WP 2020-11-01
Deodhar, Satish Y.
2020,WP 2020-10-03
The Implications of Economic Uncertainty for Bank Loan Portfolios
Mohapatra, Sanket; Purohit, Siddharth M.
2020,WP 2020-10-02
The Doctrine of Frustration under section 56 of the Indian Contract Act
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Murugavelu, Promode ; Ray, Gaurav ; Parakh, Kritika
2020,WP 2020-10-01
Auditors’ negligence and professional misconduct in India: a struggle for a consistent legal standard
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Raj, Vishakha
2020,WP 2020-09-01
Pre-packs in the Indian Insolvency Regime
Ram Mohan, M.P.; Raj, Vishakha
2020,WP 2020-08-03
Shukranitisara: A Political Economy Text at the Cusp of Indian Kingdoms and Colonial Rule (Revised as on 15/03/3021)
Deodhar, Satish Y.
2020,WP 2020-08-02
Foreign Currency Borrowing and Firm Financing Constraints in Emerging Markets: Evidence from India
Mohapatra, Sanket; Nagar, Jay Prakash
2020,WP 2020-08-01
Social Enterprises and the Pursuit of Mission: Form Matters
Sarin, Ankur ; Sriram M S
2020,WP 2020-07-03