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Research Overview

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The reputation of IIMA owes much to the exceptional caliber of its faculty. The Institute prides itself on creating an environment of substantial academic freedom overlaid by rigorous, self-imposed standards of excellence and socially responsive practices.

The faculty willingly submit themselves to a unique, rigorous, open, and continuous process of appraisal and feedback from the students. This enables the faculty to fine tune course contents and delivery mechanisms. Through a variety of committees, faculty play a hands-on role in the governance of the Institute and assume total ownership of collective decisions.

Research is at the core of IIMA and provides a major interface with the wider academic and business world. It provides new theoretical frameworks that enable reassessment and refinement of current practices and thinking. Groundbreaking interdisciplinary research by the faculty feeds directly into an enhanced learning environment at the Institute and indirectly to a wider audience of practicing managers and teachers of management.

A high degree of attention is paid to the relevance, breadth, and depth of research. Focus areas have included social marketing, productivity, women’s issues, human resource development, optimization models, organizational learning, institution building, management and leadership excellence, and public sector management.

While some research is internally driven, several projects are commissioned and funded by national and international organizations such as the Ford Foundation, UNO, World Bank, NCERT, Planning Commission, Central and State ministries, and industrial agencies.

The Research and Publications Committee

The Research and Publications Committee is responsible for the formulation of the overall policies governing the Institute's research and publications activities. The Committee undertakes processing of research and publications proposals submitted by faculty members or referred to the Committee by the Institute and recommends financial and other forms of assistance for projects. The Committee would not only scrutinize and critically appraise proposals but also help researchers wherever possible with suggestions for improving their project proposals and plans.

The Chairman is responsible to the Director for the development of research activities at the Institute, including case research. He is expected to take initiative to stimulate research amongst the faculty, formulate and implement research policy, locate and negotiate with sponsors of research projects, develop research facilities, and plan budgets for research.

The Research and Publications Committee prepares an Annual Report on the total research activity at the Institute during the year including case research and seminar research. It also publishes a quarterly research newsletter.